Preliminary program

May 12. Seminar in cooperation with the PDF “Nature friendly and environmentally oriented extension” in Kraukļi, Salacgrīva. Information about extension in Latvia, Estonia and the USA + field visits.

May 14. Meeting and discussions organised together with Latvia Forest Owner Association in Kuldiga for representatives of FOA and cooperatives, as well as forest owners.

May 15 & 16. Participation in FOREST ABC near Kuldiga. Activities in one of stops of forest trail related American tree farm system, forest certification and sustainable forest management.

May 19. Training day in cooperation with the Forest Advisory and Service Center in Ozolnieki (near Jelgava) + round table discussions. Topic – forest extension and training programs for private forest owners in the USA; introduction to  “Ties to the land” program.

May 21. Seminar in cooperation with the PDF about forest management in “Kalna gavieši“.

There are more possibilities to meet experts outside planned program in time of their visits to JSC LVM, forest offices and other institutions. If you are interested, please, send your request to the Fund.