Ties to the land

The Fund with the financial support of the Baltic American Freedom Foundation (BAFF) is going to organise the USA experts’ visit in Latvia. The event “TIES TO THE LAND – support to the development of ebaff logoxtension and cooperation in private forest sector” takes place in May 12 – 22, 2015. Speakers Kirk and Madeline David from Idaho state are extension specialists of private forest sector. Preliminary program of the event is available and include activities open for all interested persons.

Some activities of the event will be organised together with the Forest Advisory and Consultancy center (FASC), the PDF (formerly WWF Latvia) and the Latvia Forest Owner Association (LFOA). Also private forest sector related representatives from Estonia and Lithuania are invited to participate.

Main target of the event is to provide new knowledge and approach of forestry extension and advisory specialists and persons from associations and other organisations involved in informal education of land owners in Latvia and the Baltic states. Knowledge and “know-how” transfer is planned for different target (stakeholder) groups. Exchange of experience among experts of the USA and Latvia, as well as other Baltic countries, is significant to understand challenges and possibilities in developing private forest sector.

The Fund applies for the grant of the BAFF Dialogue program in October, 2014. There were totally 28 applicants from the Baltic states and the Fund was among three ones whose proposal was accepted. The target of the Dialogue program is to foster the exchange of ideas between the Baltic States and the U.S. and to stimulates international collaboration.

You can learn more about speakers and program of the event.
Information about education “Ties to the land” – http://tiestotheland.org/