Foundation the Fund for Development of Agriculture of Latvia (the Fund) is active in organising different events for stakeholders of agricultural sector and general public. Two of the events celebrated five year anniversary in 2014 – the Tractor Day and the Gold Field in Latvia. Announcement for the Tractor Day 2015 is already published.

The Fund organised Training Days for ploughs and combines during 2009 to 2012 to support communication among farmers, producers and dealers of technique, service providers, educational institutions and other stakeholders of agricultural sector. New events will be planned based on the demand and development trends of the related sectors.

The Fund organises two day event Countryside Comes into Town in 2013 to inform and educate general public on agricultural issues and country life and bring together agriculture, forest, fishing and other sectors. The international fair the Green Week in Berlin in 2015 was organised to present Latvia and its products for the whole world. International activities are a new challenge for the Fund. The event Ties to the Land to support forest extension and cooperation takes place in May, 2015.

International Green Week 2015, Berlin
Countryside Comes into Town
Competition the Golden Field in Latvia
Training Day „Ploughs – from Theory to Practice”
Training day „Combines – from Theory to Practice”
Tractor Day
Ties to the Land