About us

Fund for Developing Agriculture of Latvia (the Fund)

Data of foundation: April, 2011

Mission and target of the Fund:

  • support development of countryside and agriculture in Latvia;
  • perfect mutual understanding, communication and collaboration among state institutions, non-governmental organisations and private sector.

Activities of the Fund are targeted to:

  • development and facilitation of agricultural education and research and culture
  • development of society and increasing of welfare;
  • charity;
  • protection of environment and rural development.

Sectors of activities of the Fund:

  • education;
  • reseach;
  • production.

Collaboration partners of the Fund:

  • nongovernmental organisations related to agriculture and countryside and associations of related industry;
  • educational institutions related to agriculture, rural development and processing of products;
  • enterprises of agriculture, production and processing; producers and providers of technique and technologies; service providers;
  • farms;
  • state institutions;
  • municipalities;
  • private persons.

The best way to support development of countryside and agriculture is to unite all rural and agriculture related persons and organisations. It is advisable to organise events, involve participants and visitors, educate, create conditions to participate and collaborate, to get to know Latvia and its countryside as option for multiform work, life, development and well-being.