The Fund cooperates with different experts in organising various activities. High quality specialists are needed to plan and implement events, as well as work out different informative and educational materials for different stakeholder groups. Experts and voluntary advisers of the Fund: Sarmīte Babāne (agricultural policy), Linda Bille (cooperation), Aiga Kraukle (agronomy), Ilze Vārpiņa (project leadership) and Lelde Vilkriste (forestry and pedagogic).


Sarmīte Babāne

Field of expertise: project management, agricultural policy, professional education
Current occupation
– Latvian Agricultural Organisation Cooperation Council, Project manager
– Employers’ Confederation of Latvia, consultant in food industry and agriculture
Position: Latvian Farmer’s Federation, expert from agriculture employer’s side in EU organisation GEOPA-COPA
Activities and achievements
– coordinator of the Meadow Stand in the international fair Green Week 2015 in Berlin
– coordinator of animal husbandry in the project “Back to Countryside”
– project manager in European Commission granted project “CAP – Tomorrow Starts Today!”

Linda Bille

Linda Bille

Field of expertise: cooperation
Current occupation: executive director of the Association of Agricultural Cooperatives of Latvia
– Master program of Marketing research (University of Latvia)
– Program of International Business (UL)
– University Turība, lecturer
– Society of the Council of Cooperation of Agricultural Organizations, board member and project leader
Activities and achievements:
– coordinator of the Meadow Stand (sectors of milk, meat and corn) in the international fair Green Week 2015 in Berlin
– participation in different working groups and international projects related development of cooperation (from 2008)
– activities related information of society and development of professional education of agricultural sector


Aiga Kraukle

Field of expertise: agronomy
Current occupation: agronomist in Ltd ”Aloja –Starkelsen”
– chairwomen of society of the Union of Growers and Processers of Potatoes
– leader of partnership of Latvian division of ”Baltic organic potato for the world markets”
Activities and achievements:
– coordinator of Garden and Apiary Sector in the international fair Green Week 2015 in Berlin
– coordinator of Gardening Sector in the event Rural Comes into Town in 2013
– participation in various local and international projects and activities
– leading agronomist in collective farm Vitrupe

Lelde Vilkriste

Lelde Vilkriste

Field of expertise: forestry and pedagogic
Current position:
– project leader in Latvian Forest Research Institute “Silava”
– researcher in Forest Faculty (University of Agriculture of Latvia)
– Doctor program in Forestry (UAL)
– Mater Program in Pedagogic (adult education)(UAL)
– Ltd Stora Enso, public relation and communication manager
– State Forest Service, head of department of forest extension
– UAL, lecturer
Activities and achievements:
– Coordinator of Forest Sector in the international fair Green Week 2015 in Berlin and in the event Rural Comes into Town in 2013
– research project related forest extension issues in the USA (2012/2013)
– regular publications and informative articles in mass media
– fund raising and participation in local and international projects